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All4Walls can design top-quality exterior wall-insulated cladding

Whilst external wall insulation can be a very good way of improving your home’s energy efficiency and at the same providing a new look to your exterior walls. Careful consideration has to be given to the design and specification of the materials used. Polystyrene cladding with cement render on old solid walls are not a good marriage and could cause damp problems. Some walls need to breathe you can still have external wall insulation on damper solid walls  if the cladding material and finishes are breathable

Using a range of exterior wall insulation (EWI) materials such as Cork, Kingspan K5, XPS, EPS, Rockwool and wood-wool boards we can tailor-make the EWI insulation system specifically for your house. We specify the best-insulated cladding system for your home based on the age, build and other factors, not just some generic “off the peg” system.

On older damper houses with no DPM, we normally specify lime renders with breathable cork or wood-wool boards. We can also specify calcium silicate insulation boards, offering hygroscopic benefits for internal applications such as cellars and basements.

We have many different finishes that can be applied on top of the external wall insulation slabs such as lime render, silicone renders real brick cladding or even genuine hand dressed stone.

Our design service pays particular attention to the finer detail such as end-capping- verge trays under roofs. Below DPM level as water ingress is a big enemy of any external wall insulation system. Not only can you save thousands of pounds in energy bills and lower your carbon footprint you can also give your home a facelift and makeover at the same time. We can combine different finishes together such as brick cladding plinths at the bottom of the wall or corner castle work or quoins. All accepted quotations are provided with condensation risk analysis reports and U value calculations, We can also assist with local building regulations namely the building notice and ensure that the system complies with parts L1B “work to existing thermal elements” achieving the currently required 0.28 U value on retrofitted EWI projects. We look after all the work involved from adapting toilet waste pipes to existing roof overhangs, gas flues etc.

With Zero VAT to pay and the ever-increasing, energy bills wrapping the external walls of your home in a quality EWI system could make good sense Why not arrange a survey today?
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