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We often get asked does brick cladding look realistic.

The answer is a definite YES, using real brick cladding tiles provides a real brick finish (just a thinner skin than full bricks ) Brick slips can make a huge difference to the Kerb appeal of any home take a look at some of our recent projects. Brick Cladding can provide a very attractive finish. Using real brick slips gives a genuine authentic finish to any walls, both internal and external.

A properly fitted and pointed brick cladding job can last the lifetime of the building.  For a modern look, we can specify metric brick slips or for a more traditional historic look we can source handmade style brick slips, keeping tradition in mind we often clad the wall with one of the many solid wall bonds used before the advent of cavity wall build. This  could be a flemish or garden wall pattern when pointed with lime  will look like it has been built for years

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Brick cladding is a great way to give your home a makeover.

Brick slips can also be used as a finish over insulated boards (providing they are frost-resistant and are bonded over suitable mesh).

They can also be incorporated into render systems and used as features such as castlework, headers above windows or quoins.

Brick cladding can be used internally

From small internal projects to large commercial jobs we are here to assist and help you,  making sure you have the best brick cladding materials and the skilled labour to ensure your brick cladding project not only looks good but that it will last the test of time.

We can source lots of different bricks and get them cut into brick cladding slips or brick tiles as they are also known.

We can supply all materials needed for your cladding project or if you prefer to buy the brick cladding and adhesive directly we can signpost you to reliable quality UK stockists of brick slips. We can then take care of getting the brick cladding expertly fitted for you.

We will provide you with a list of the brick cladding and other materials required along with the quantities required. All4walls can specify the ever-important preparation for your brick slip project providing a written labour-only quotation for the fitting. We often recommend  to our customers for the actual brick slips, adhesive and pointing grout.

Even brick cladding a small internal wall adds feature and character to any home old or new build house



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Brick cladding tiles can also be fixed onto external insulation boards such as a Kingspan K5 phenolic or even rock wool with the correct base coats. In addition to a much-improved look, excellent U values can also be achieved saving money on heating bills.

Ibstock bricks were used for the cladding on the bungalow project which was brick cladded all the way around, the double-faced brick enabled us to get two brick tiles from each brick. The full brick cladding corner pieces were also cut from the same brick, these were needed around the window reveals. All the other corners of the main house were cladded with precast Portland stone-coloured cornerstones. We can also source most bricks for cutting into brick slips or brick cladding we can also source the brick cladding ready-made in a 15mm thickness. All the brick materials we use for external cladding are frost proof, some brick slip tiles can be as thin as 7mm good for internal brick cladding but we wouldn’t recommend using them for external applications. Why not get in touch with us to see how we could transform your tired-looking walls? Click the photo below to see this brick cladding project

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