Lime Render or cement which is the best for enhanced breathability. Find out why lime is the best

Lime Render for older houses is usually the best choice, render your house walls with lime for enhanced breathability and a period style. Find out why lime is the best for older houses

Should I use Lime  or cement mortar, what type of lime is going to work best  for my solid-built walls

Damp Walls? Dont wrap your old walls in cling film by using incorrect mortars

Many older solid wall houses can be damaged by cement renders and thick textured plastic coating.

In terms of vapour exchange,  coating houses with plastic-type paints or concrete renders, can in  a couple of days  change the walls into a kind of plastic-wrapped house, solid walls need to breathe, that’s how they were built

A good quality lime render will allow walls to breathe. Renders made with lime are much less prone to cracking than cement renders.
Lime render also looks more in keeping with period houses. A good quality lime render can last for many decades Choosing the correct material for lime renders, such as the base coat strength, type of lime and sand can be a complicated business depending on the wall type it may be better to specify a 15-20mm thick 3 coat NHL 3.5 render, with nylon mesh reinforcement.

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