Slate Cladding-Self Stack (AKA Z cladding)

Slate Cladding transforming walls with our beautiful, self-stack natural stone cladding is made easy. Each piece of stone cladding is simply glued into place, grout or pointing is not required. Just get the levels right and away you go.This cost-efficient easy application method allows most projects to be installed very quickly. With correct preparation, our range of natural stone cladding can be applied to interior and exterior facades. Unlike some inferior products they are not glued onto cement backed boards, this ensures a reliable 100% bond, direct with the actual cladding material. Our wall cladding is ideal for new build houses such as ICF, SIPS build or cavity wall houses that require a facelift. Feature walls for TV, games rooms, commercial cladding for bars and shops etc. This stone cladding can also be fixed over external insulation boards. We can specify the very important surface preparation arrange the actual stone cladding fitting.

Please call or email us regarding your project we are here to help, from wall preparation to advice on adhesives etc, we have over 35 years experience installing all types of cladding. Below a few examples of our slate cladding, with and without the optional spray on semi sheen slate sealer. See our projects page for a recent slate cladding makeover, you will see the difference this cladding can make to the kerb appeal of a house. From a small detached to a large house this cladding can look very attractive, fantastic for features walls. If illuminated with wall lights the more heavily rugged profile of the black quartz can look amazing  Click Here


slate cladding copper large

Copper slate cladding large

slate cladding

Slate grey cladding thin

slate cladding

Copper slate thin format

slate and granite

Slate copper and quartz with granite pillars

black quartz cladding

Black Quartz