The All4Walls Wall Refurbishment survey offers practical advice on the options available for your existing wall finishes.

From patch repairs to re-coating, we offer unbiased advice on what can be done for the long-term protection and improvement of current renders and pebble dash. When establishing the condition of render or pebbledashing It’s very easy to be deceived by the appearance of an exterior wall finish, render or pebbledash may look solid enough to the naked eye but could, in fact, be loose and coming away.

Paying someone to paint over decaying render or pebbledash could cost you your hard earned money and make things worse, preparation is very important and this can only be determined by a professional survey, not by someone trying to sell you a cheap makeover, who just looks at the walls.

All our wall refurbishment surveys involve testing the current render surface for cracks and damage such as delamination. We also look at coping parapet detail, roofline gutters etc to make sure they are coping with the weather and not casting water down the walls.

We are able to check the humidity inside homes, inspect for condensation. We can also take thermal images to detect heat loss and other damp areas.

We have many different wall coatings and renders both modern and traditional. Based on our survey we prescribe the best materials and options for your homes wall care. Whether it’s a full removal and a re-render or a refurbishment and re-coating in one of our specialist wall finishes we like to provide our customers with viable options and written costs.

Please click the link to read more on surface preparation and the best way to paint or render your exterior walls 

Please get in touch with us to arrange your wall renovation survey, we are here to help with free initial advice