Textured Coating High Build

Textured Coating can be applied to most sound external wall surfaces. A Textured wall coating finish can be a good way of renovating walls such as those already pebble dashed, rendered etc it can also be used on many other masonry surfaces.

Providing walls are prepared thoroughly. textured coating spray or trowel applied can be an effective finish.

Preparation of walls prior to painting or treating with textured coating normally includes a good wash down, with hot water.

This washdown process removes any loose friable paint and disinfects and kills any organic growth. Render, pebble dash backing coats are checked for soundness, any loose areas are chopped out and patch repaired. Large cracks in the render are also repaired Pebbledash is sometimes treated with a slurry coat of polymer cement, this is mixed to a cream like consistency. This primer is brushed onto the surface, it then welds the pebbles on the wall and builds the surface out a little ready for the next stage. Once the render has been repaired and any slurry coats have dried, the surface is then stabilised with a bonding primer, similar in colour to the final external textured coating colour. Finally, the textured coating which could be resin or acrylic based is high pressure sprayed onto the surface.All windows,  pipes etc should be masked before any coating takes place.

This type of textured coating is available in various textures from a standard texture which is the same size texture to that of course sea salt.It can also be supplied in a fine-textured finish which is similar to that of table salt in way of granular size

A textured coating can be a good and economical way or refurbishing most sound walls in a decent state of repair. It is best to use on cavity or modern build walls and walls without a high moisture content, not solid damp walls.

This textured coating was very popular in the 1980s It is now really being replaced by more modern silicone and acrylic finishes that are less harmful to the environment.