Silicone paint finishes have become very popular recently. Silicone paint can be used for refurbishment of an existing painted wall. They are also very good for painting discoloured self-coloured render finishes such as K Rend (often referred to as K render)

High-performance Silicone paints.

Some of the silicone products we specify incorporate micro-fibre reinforcement. They can bridge cracks up to 2mm wide, they can be a good solution for dirty or cracked self-coloured renders such as K rend.

Some of the silicone exterior wall paints can exhibit a self-cleaning effect. The self-cleaning so-called NANO paints are based on water dispersion of silicone binders. The Nano Silicone paint can be used for decorative protection of all wall finishes rough or smooth. Silicone paints for external walls can be good for reducing the maintenance required for facade surfaces infected with wall lichen and mould (surfaces must be disinfected prior to painting) Available in lots of colours the silicone paints we offer are not textured and do not significantly change the texture of the surface they are applied to.

Product features of silicone paint products
Self-cleaning effect;
Exceptional water-repellency of the surface;
Excellent water vapour permeability;
Good coverage;
Good resistance to infection with wall algae and mould;
High resistance to effects of different atmospheric factors (ultraviolet rays, smoke, and precipitation)
Resistance to the adhesion of dust and other soiling onto the surface.