Removing ugly pebbledash from a brick solid wall house in Northallerton.

This cement-based peppledash was causing some serious damp problems. The pebbledash was applied to the lovely brickwork in the 1970s.

Over the years problems with the pebble dash finish resulted in penetrating damp. The cement-based render layers under the pebble dash finish were unable to accommodate moment within the walls, this resulted in hairline cracks which over time got bigger in size until sections of render were actually falling off.

The new owners of the house also disliked the looks of the rough pebble-dash finish and the fact that pebbles always shed themselves particularly after heavy periods of rainfall.

The brickwork was in too bad a condition to restore with cleaning. Once the pebbledash had been removed and cleaned off it was decided that a breathable Parex lime render system be applied.

The lime render build-up was comprised of two 5mm base coats of NHL 3.5 with glass fibre mesh sandwiched between the base coats. This mesh reinforcement has a pronounced effect on reducing cracks. A final finish of light grey smooth lime render was applied.

Hairline cracks in any render, lime or cement-based are the beginning of a renders early failure. All4Walls are able to design a bespoke render system for your house. All4Walls can offer a fully comprehensive service covering all aspects of wall care for both modern and period built homes.

This Victorian house now looks more in keeping and the walls have dried out