Real Yorkshire Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding, mother nature’s product, quarried & dressed here in the UK. We have a variety of quarries in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire that we source real natural stone from to cut and dress into stone facing.

Magnesium limestone, Yorkshire gritstone can all be turned into thin stone cladding products

Once the stone is at the cutting yard, it can be made into bespoke sizes of stone cladding including solid corner pieces, (quoins or castling as they are known in the trade) We can also 45-degree mitre the edges of the stone to form a neater corner edge finish

Our standard stone cladding sizes have a thickness of around 20-50mm to the dressed face, edges are around 20mm thick. Height 140mm x random length to give a coursed walled pattern. We can also supply a random pattern in three sizes for the natural stone.The stone can be supplied in a main buff colour, sometimes the stone is quarried with natural yellows and ironstone veins and marbling.Regarding colours, no two pieces are exactly alike making this real stone cladding the perfect choice for an authentic stone look.This is the real thing, it’s just thinner than normal stonewalling. Great for ICF or SIPS build or for tired mismatched brickwork.This stone cladding is a hewn natural stone product, unlike imitation stone cladding, which is the same kind of material as a paving slab these real hand dressed stone products are not made in a mould from coloured concrete. It’s the real thing, natural stone cladding dressed by a real stone mason, stone cladding at its best that will age naturally as real stone does!.

Stone slab for cladding

Diamond wheel cutting Stone

Stone cladding

Yorkshire stone smooth sawn

Blocks of stone

Blocks of stone for cladding quoins