Polymer Render particularly factory made (in the bag renders) have become very popular.

A typical polymer render base coat usually comprises of 2 layers of 5mm thick render coats with nylon mesh sandwiched between them.

Using a proprietary made polymer modified render can be useful in reducing the risks of premature render failure as all the ingredients, correct sands etc are all in the bag. This means they are already accurately gauged so the correct render ingredient ratios are achieved. In theory, all the contractor has to do is to add clean water and mix.

Providing skilled applicators are applying the material the render is suitable for the wall and house build is it being applied to all should go well. Polymer renders have high adhesion properties and are resistant to water ingress. Polymer renders are not new All4Walls have been designing and specifying wall renders since the 1980s that contain latex SBR.This admixture also makes a render polymer modified.

All4walls specify polymer renders such as HP12 for application over unusual substrates where a very high level of adhesion is required HP12 polymer render is also widely used for its flexibility and tensile strength for thin – coat systems, it works particularly well as a base render on cement particle boards such as the Versa panel

We also use polymer renders as a base coat for modern external wall insulation systems. Often reinforced with nylon mesh our base coats are designed to be anti-crack in performance and are ideal for new blockwork where shrinkage may be a problem.

A render modified with polymer makes the base coat which is keyed or scratched to form a perfect base for brick cladding, real stone cladding or through coloured renders such as silicone or cementitious.Typically a polymer render base coat usually comprises of 2 layers of 5mm thick polymer render coats with nylon mesh sandwiched between the coats, this 10mm base can be the foundation for a whole range of finishes. Read more click here About Coloured Renders-Wall Coatings-Lime Finishes