Many a fine house has had the pebbledash treatment. Often associated with council houses or high rise blocks pebble dash is, in fact, a very hard wearing finish able to withstand the worst of the British weather. Pebbledash is often referred to as Harling in Scotland and can come in various finishes. One of the most common finishes for pebbledash is Canterbury Spar. Pebbledash can come in various sizes and also roughcast finishes. Roughcast is a term used for a finish where the pebble or aggregate is mixed into the render and cast onto the wall. Roughcast or pebbledash can look good on the right type of building. On other houses such as mid terrace period homes, it can look a little out of place. If you have inherited a house with an inappropriate pebble dash finish, we can remove it and restore your house back to brick or stone

To provide breathability we usually specify lime-based mortars as the render mix and the rough cast finish can be through coloured in various textures.

Dry dash refers to the finish where the aggregate is thrown or cast into the backing render, the aggregate or pebble is visible. Some shedding occurs with a dry dash, even after years, bits of the pebble can end up on the garden drive or path.

Pebbledash can be painted over providing it is prepared correctly, depending on the textured of the finish, painting pebble dash can be very hard work. For homeowners who do not wish to paint their own house walls, we have an easier way, one that will protect against water ingress and will look attractive for years to come.

We can specify all types of dash finishes for new build or period houses. We can also refurbish and repair pebble dashing or roughcast finishes. A typical refurbishment project on a pebble-dashed house would go something like this:

Wash down and disinfect the walls, repair any hollow areas and cracks. Apply high build or smooth wall coating to the walls in colour and texture of choice. Our expert survey ensures that the right coating is specified for your home. Moisture and humidity readings are taken on each survey this ensures compatibility of the coating we specify reducing damp and condensation risk.

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