Lime render lime plasters the perfect material for period solid wall houses

Unlike Cement based-concrete renders, good quality lime mortars have some degree of flexibility
Lime based renders weather well even after years of sun, rain, frost etc.

The main benefits of lime render are the materials ability to resist cracking. Coupled with lime materials hygroscopic properties, the ability to absorb moisture and its breathability. Lime mortar is able to cope with years of whatever mother nature can throw at it. Between wet and dry weather the characteristics of lime mortar allows walls to dry out. Keeping the inside of a home nice and dry and healthy.

Often through ignorance or lack of care, many houses are cement rendered with hard mixes of concrete based mortars.
Many homeowners and builders look at the soft lime mortar on a period home and come to the conclusion that it is defective and needs replacing. Usually with the recommendation of a waterproof rock hard cement mortar. This mistake is often made, all because the render may be a little soft and chalky. But this is how lime mortar is meant to be. It had the same, softer, malleable characteristics, all those years ago, the day it was applied.

Our lime renders can be mesh or chopped glass fibre reinforced or for heritage or listed projects our lime renders can be haired with, horse, cow or goat hair. Our lime render finishes  can be painted with a LIME WASH or silicate paint finish, they can also be through coloured meaning the colour is pigmented into the render coat, requiring no painting

All4Walls have many different lime render products, each one with different characteristics and benefits. It’s our job to work out which one could be specified as the perfect material for your home. NHL3.5 NHL 2 NHL 5 and the full range of Parex &  St Astier lime renders are all available for your home. Please contact us for more information on our lime render finishes