Lime mortar for rendering and pointing

Here we use lime mortar for rendering and pointing to stonework, this is after we remove damaging cement render from an old circa 1790 stone house. We also removed stone cladding that was on the corners and an exterior wall coating that was stopping the walls from breathing. Some of the stone cladding pieces were actually falling off when the team arrived to conduct the exterior wall survey.
Work included the removal of the concrete render, the removal of stone cladding from the corners of the walls.
A thick spray on Textured Coating-paint finish was also removed and cleaned off the wall.
Once we had removed the cement (concrete) render and the other wall coatings along with the stone cladding the walls were then rendered in a natural hydraulic lime finish. The lime used for the render mix was from the Parex range a moderate strength NHL 3.5 Lime through coloured. For the stone pointing, 3.5 lime mortar was also the preferred choice. Sand is very important for lime mortar, we specified a sharp graded washed sand. The lime mortar mix for the chimneys was NHL 3.5 again with sharp sand. The walls can now breathe, eliminating damp problems caused by the cement render and the exterior wall coatings Both the lime render and the lime pointing creates a very nice finish in keeping with period homes. The exact lime mortar mix was 1 part 3.5 NHL to three parts Nosterfield sharp sand and 1 part Leighton Buzzard sand. This makes a very strong attractive mortar. The same lime mortar mix can be used for both lime render and lime pointing projects. Lime mortar is also suitable for new builds, especially stonework. We have helped several home builders with the specification of lime mortars and the results are outstanding. Even the most narrow-minded of builders can be easily converted to the benefits of using lime once they have been trained to use the material