Renders such as K-Rend-Sto-Weber both self-coloured cement and silicone-acrylic finishes have become very popular for both new build and refurbishment projects. Renders such as the popular K Rend, Jubosil & Parex have more or less replaced the so-called “made on site” sand and cement render.

Using a factory made or proprietary render installed can have big advantages, they can look good for years.

However, claims that coloured render systems are maintenance free or that the  render is self-cleaning should be taken with a generous “pinch of salt

But do coloured renders keep clean? is their such a thing as a self-cleaning render finish?

Even so-called Nano self cleaning coloured renders and wall coatings can quickly lose their kerb appeal.

Cement renders that are through coloured such as K rend are essentially a render in a bag, a bit like a cake mix, all you need is in there, just add clean water and mix, it sounds nice and simple!

In the bag renders

Basic Ingredients of self-coloured monocouche renders

(monocouche is not a particular render product name its the Fench terms for one coat)

The correct sand, clean sharp and free from contaminants, mixed to the correct ratio of cement and the mineral dye to provide the colour. Other additives such as integral waterproofers can be included in the recipe, as supplied in the K rend FT product. If the renders are applied correctly scraped and ruled flat they look really nice.

But be warned in the wrong hands they can be very unforgiving, we get enquiries from very unhappy homeowners asking if they can sand the lumps and bumps down or paint the render. Some inexperienced applicators will also try and sponge the finish flat, apart from the swirl patterns left by the sponge, if water is sprayed or flicked onto the render before it has set the dye is pulled out and diluted it will never dry properly. So before you entrust anyone with this type of render (or any render) it may be a good idea to make sure they know what they are doing, you don’t want to be their k rend or weber-weberpral guinea pig, do you?

Once your new coloured render has been applied you will want it to look as good and pristine in years the to come as the day it was done.

Providing trees are not too close to the building, you may get a few years before it starts to get a little dirty.

Trees can turn a nice coloured render into a real red and green mess with lichen and other organic growth

Usually, tide marks of black will appear under the two ends of the window sills. Make sure rainwater good are in good repair as even the smallest leak in a gutter joint can make the render below it a green or black mess. Other details such as cornice string courses can also cast water down the facade and make it soiled

All4Walls are able to clean & disinfect all types of coloured renders including  K Rend, Parex, Weber, Sto

Using gentle pressure controlled warm water with special biocides we are able to clean and disinfect surfaces with fantastic results.

At the same time, we can check the coloured render for cracks and other defects and carry out any repairs