What is the best exterior wall paint?

One of the best masonry paints has to be Sikagard -550 W Elastic. This product is a high-performance exterior wall paint. Formerly known as Decadex before Sika took over the niche coatings manufacturers, Liquid Plastics of Preston. Sika 550 wall paint coating has a high degree of vapour permeability allowing walls to breathe. It is very flexible at all temperatures, and can easily accommodate pronounced movement within the substrate without cracking.This makes it ideal for the renovation of old renders and the painting of  pebbledash

Sika 550 exterior wall paint can bridge cracks up to 2mm wide.

Available in different colours Sika 550 can be reinforced with fine nylon scrim cloth.Sika 550 exterior wall paint has a lifespan of at least fifteen years. This high-performance paint keeps a lot cleaner than many other wall paint finishes

This specialist wall coating has to be applied to an exacting standard, if applied correctly it will offer excellent protection against wind-driven rain etc. Sika 550 exterior wall paint looks like a good quality masonry paint. It has no texture or shiny surface it just lasts a lot longer and protects a lot more than DIY masonry paints. We have renovated many houses with this wall paint including, over a five-year installation program over 70 houses for The Winchester Working Men’s Housing Society Ltd and many listed old buildings, it’s also great for new builds if a through coloured render is not the prefered choice

Technical:  Main benefits Crack bridging protective coating for concrete, also suitable for lime based renders, pebbledash, and most sound prepared surfaces
Product Description

Sikagard -550 W Elastic is a one component, flexible coating based on
UV-curing acrylic dispersion with excellent crack-bridging properties even at temperatures below 0°C.

Sikagard -550 W Elastic complies with the requirements of EN 1504-2 as protective

Sikagard -550 W Elastic is used for protection and enhancement of concrete
structures (normal and lightweight concrete), especially exposed outdoor concrete surfaces with a risk of cracking

Sikagard -550 W Elastic is used with concrete repair works as an elastic protective coating, suitable for
cement based surfaces and overcoating of existing soundly adhering coatings
■ Suitable for protection against water ingress (Principle 1, method 1.3 of EN 1504-9),
■ Suitable for moisture control (Principle 2, method 2.3 of EN 1504-9)
■ Suitable for increasing the resistivity (Principle 8, method 8.3 of EN 1504-9)
■ Crack-bridging even at low temperatures (-20°C)
■ High diffusion resistance against CO2 reducing the rate of carbonation
■ Water vapour permeable
■ Very good resistance against weathering and ageing
■ Environmentally friendly (solvent free)
■ Reduced tendency to dirt pick up and contamination