All4Walls 402 water repellent for brick and stone

Water repellent brick sealer works on most stone (and brick of course). Colourless brick sealer surface impregnator that gets to work within minutes of application, protecting brick and stone against water ingress and frost damage. Although no masonry water repellent can reverse frost-spalling damage to stone or brickwork our special industrial strength water repellents can arrest and stop any further erosion of brick or stonework.

All4Walls 402  water repellent is breathable allowing moisture within the wall to escape freely

This brick and stone sealer protection will not change the colour of the stone or brick, however, it significantly changes the protection against rain and storms. It can also keep houses warmer, of course, a dry wall is a warmer wall.

Before we apply our brick and stone sealer water repellent we undertake thorough preparatory work, walls are washed down & degreased, we remove any organic growth and any areas of defective pointing are attended to.

All4Walls 402 is a water-based water repellent, unlike some solvent based clear products that can quickly evaporate our clear water repellent brick sealer just keeps on working and protecting year in year out. All4Walls 402 provides water repellency and waterproofing properties by penetrating into the substrate and curing to form a hydrophobic layer lining the pores. This hydrophobic layer does not allow the ingress of liquid water, however, it will still allow the passage of water vapour thereby allowing damp substrates to dry out.
All4Walls 402 can become resistant to wash off by rainfall as soon as 1 hour after application. Full water repellency and waterproofing properties are generally achieved after 24 hours. All4Walls 402 achieves maximum water beading effect after the first heavy rainfall.
Application of All4Walls 402 water repellent can prevent damage to the substrates to which it is applied to by ensuring that the substrate is kept dry. This helps prevent the problems which occur when water within walls such as brick or stone freezes, when water freezes it expands, freeze-thaw cycles within a wall can cause cracks and crumbling stone or brick (spalling) to occur.
A treatment of All4Walls 402water repellent will also help prevent damage caused by waterborne pollutants such as acid rain. All4Walls 402  is a high-performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to protect against water penetration on all mineral materials such as brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash and unpainted renders. Based on the latest technology silicone resins, it does not contain solvents which can be harmful to the applicator or the environment, it is also not -flammable. All4Walls 402  penetrates deeply into
the treated surface to provide effective water repellency for many years. It is unaffected by ultraviolet light and offers improved water beading compared with traditional DIY solvent-based clear products.