Brick cladding
We can source just about any brick and get them cut into brick cladding slips or brick tiles as they are also known.

Using a double sided brick we can get two slips from one brick making the cladding job more cost-effective. Corner slips or pistols as they are called can also be cut and supplied. We also deal directly with some overseas producers of thin brick cladding. These firms actually make a 15mm (and 7mm) brick slip from real fired clay, just like a real brick only thinner, they are also frost resistant making them perfect for both outside or inside use.Bonded with polymer cement or lime based adhesives. A properly fitted and pointed brick cladding job can last the lifetime of the building and make a huge difference to the kerb appeal.

Brick cladding tiles can also be fixed onto external insulation boards such as a Kingspan K5 phenolic or even rock wool with the correct base coats.In addition to a much-improved look, excellent U values can also be achieved saving money on  heating bills

Ibstock bricks were used for the cladding on the bungalow project (it was cladded all the way around), the double-faced brick enabled us to get two brick tiles from each brick. Although you can only get one corner brick slip or tile from a brick when cutting them. The full brick cladding corner pieces were also cut from the same brick, these were needed around the window reveals. All the other corners of the main house were cladded with precast portland stone coloured cornerstones. We can also source most bricks for cutting into brick slips or we can buy in the brick cladding ready-made in a 15mm thickness. All the brick materials we use for cladding are frost proof, some brick slip tiles can be as thin as 7mm but we wouldn’t recommend using them for external applications