Anti crack renders these new generation renders are suitable for all types of property, from new to old

Cracks in render and pebbledash finishes are one of the biggest problems and the cause of most premature render failure. Cracks in render can allow massive amounts of water ingress into the fabric of a building.

Penetrating damp can enter the walls and become trapped between the render and the wall itself. Once water gets inside the render damage can occur and the render often begins to come away from the wall or delaminate due to freeze-thaw cycles.

We all know what causes many of the potholes in the roads the damage to the walls is similar to what happens to the roads in a very cold winter.

When water freezes it expands and blows the render off the walls.

Both cavity walls and solid wall houses can have severe damp problems when render fails

Many houses have been retrofitted with cavity wall material when render fails this can cause internal damp as most blown in insulation mops up water and has a tendency to stay wet (usually glass rock wool)

Many homeowners across the UK have had this insulation material removed from the cavity. If you have wet damp walls and you think that the cavity wall material is creating problems most cavity insulation jobs come with a guarantee through an organisation such as  CIGA  (most of the ECO funded installations will have a 25-year guarantee ).

When considering a render for any building old or new exacting detail such as the materials, thickness and number of render coats should be provided along with expansion joint detail. Most of the renders we design are specified and fitted with a reinforcement layer. Quite simply the render is reinforced with a laminate of alkali resistant nylon mesh cloth or lattice. Deep repairs often required when old render or pebbledash has been removed are also daubed with mortar modified with chopped glass fibre or in the case of historic buildings haired with goats, cow or horse hair. The addition of the reinforcement has a profound impact on the flexibility and strength of the render, just like the bandage in a plaster cast, the mesh provides additional strength and makes the render resistant to cracking.mesh render

You do not have to cross your fingers and take chances with your rendering project, why not get an expert survey and design of your render all installed by professionals from start to finish.